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Future-ready companies know that creating workplace solutions that help enrich and improve the employee experience also help produce better business results. WorldatWork provides the training and latest news, resources and thinking to keep you and your organization on the cutting edge of work-life effectiveness.

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Stressing the Night Away

Stress from work is preventing many professionals from getting a quality night’s sleep — and is potentially affecting job satisfaction, engagement and turnover.

A Method to the Madness

March Madness will soon be here. You can fight the inevitable watercooler trash talk and the brackets being printed and filled out during work hours, or you can embrace the madness.

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These issues are top of mind for Work-Life Effectiveness experts and professionals. We keep you up-to-date with new content on these trending topics making it your one-stop place to find your information.

Express Education

30 Ideas in 30 Minutes | Creative Ways to Foster an Emotionally Connected Culture

The workplace is quickly becoming society's social hub and, for some, the only way to commune. But the quality of those interactions is often lacking, leading to an overwhelming epidemic of loneliness. This loneliness—and its detrimental side effects, including declining physical and psychological health—impacts employees, both at work and in their personal lives.

How the Modern Intranet is Evolving with the New Distributed Workforce

The future of work is promising. Technology is redefining the boundaries of the 'workplace' and making it possible for more people to get work done anywhere. But with these changes come new challenges to connect and engage employees. Join Sam Keninger, head of product marketing at Simpplr, as he shares how the modern intranet and other digital workplace technologies are evolving to facilitate the future of work.

Employee Experience (EX): The Driving Force for 2018 and the Impacts of Recognition and Incentives

Employee engagement has been feverishly analyzed for years now. But there's a newer concept in town, and its name is EX also known as Employee Experience. EX is defined as a holistic view of life at work, requiring constant feedback, action, monitoring, and rewards. In this webinar, we'll focus on the EX of recognition and the best practices for 2018.

Work-Life Certified Professional® (WLCP)

Effective work-life programs increase the level of satisfaction and engagement of employees, which in turn impacts overall organizational performance. Earning the well-respected Work-Life Certified Professional® (WLCP) designation signifies that you possess the knowledge and critical skills to design, administer and manage work-life programs that improve the lives of employees and your organization's bottom line. The WLCP is earned after obtaining a passing score for all required exams. Preparation courses for each of the required exams are available in a variety of convenient learning formats.

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